Corporate Venture Capital in Today’s Tech Ecosystem


Corporate venture capital (CVC) is a valuable tool both for companies looking to pursue innovation strategies and for founders growing startups.

In this video, four industry veterans talk about the unique opportunities and risks that come with CVC:

  • Ellen Ehrenpreis is a partner in Orrick’s Tech Companies Group and has advised companies across the technology ecosystem for more than 20 years, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 multinational enterprises
  • Greg Heibel, also a partner in Orrick’s Tech Companies Group, advises technology companies at all stages, as well as helps venture capital firms and other investors with private and public offerings
  • Paul Holland, a Silicon Valley veteran, has been a General Partner at top-tier venture capital fund Foundation Capital for 17 years, and is Mach49’s VC-in-Residence, where he helps Global 1000 companies design, launch and manage world class corporate venture funds
  • Linda Yates, a CEO with over 25 years of experience creating global strategy and driving innovation, is Founder and CEO at Mach49, the first Silicon Valley incubator/accelerator focused exclusively on helping Global 1000 companies create, build and launch new ventures generated from within to drive significant growth

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