Preparing for Congressional Investigations

55 minute watch | December.05.2018

Party control of the U.S. House of Representatives is about to change for the third time in 12 years, but prospects to break the political stalemate on Capitol Hill — and to pass meaningful legislation — remain dim. Democratic leaders have made it clear that they will instead make their presence felt through more aggressive oversight. While it is tempting to dismiss congressional investigations and the attendant theatrical hearings and testimony as nothing but sound and fury, the reality for companies, executives, and others under the microscope is far less anodyne. Lack of preparation and ill-conceived strategies in responding to congressional investigations heighten the prospect of reputational harm that, unchecked, will frustrate business goals, damage shareholders, and derail — or end — careers.

On Dec. 5, Orrick attorney Preston Burton delved deeper into these topics and offered some thoughts on navigating the coming tide of congressional investigations.

Webinar filmed prior to the combination of Buckley and Orrick in 2023.

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