Opportunities For Innovative Start-Ups

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Italiano: Le Opportunità Per Le Start-Ups Innovative


Incentives to work for equity schemes (Stock option & work for equity)

Employees and consultants can be remunerated through stock options and work for equity that are not included in taxable income (taxed as capital gain!). Income deriving from the assignment of financial instruments issued for the contribution of works or services, or credits accrued for the performance of works or services, including professional ones, are not included in the taxable income of the recipients at the time of issue or of credit compensation and cancellation.

Easier to cover systematic losses

In the event of systematic losses, the innovative startup benefits from a 1-year grace period to cover losses over 1/3 of the share capital (terms postponed by two financial years). The 12-month extension allows the innovative Startups to complete the Startup phase and naturally cover losses accrued during the very first activities carried out. The tax losses incurred by the Start-Ups in the first three years of activity may be sold to listed companies that have a shareholding ratio of no less than 20 percent.



Easier compensation of VAT credits

Compensation of VAT credit without conformity permit ("visto di conformità") or guarantee The innovative Start-up is exempted from the duty to affix a compliance visa to compensate VAT credits, for a maximum of €50,000 (regular threshold: €15,000)