Kolvin Stone Featured On “Legal Speak” Podcast Discussing GDPR and Privacy Developments

The American Lawyer | April.27.2018

The American Lawyer featured our partner Kolvin Stone in this Legal Speak Podcast on the topic “Ready or Not … Here Comes the GDPR.”

Kolvin, a member of our global Cyber, Privacy and Data Innovation Practice and head of our London office, discussed the impact of the European Union’s GDPR provisions set to go into effect in late May, as well as the emerging importance of privacy and cybersecurity considerations for businesses around the world.

“The privacy agenda has really changed because businesses have increasingly become more data driven,” Kolvin says on the podcast. “There is more litigation in the privacy space, particularly around data breaches and cybersecurity.”

Kolvin also emphasized that global privacy issues have transformed the way he practices law for clients, saying “we are becoming much more business advisers helping clients with what the legal rules mean for them in practice.”

Kolvin was the architect of Orrick’s novel GDPR Assessment Tool, which was unveiled last year on our website to allow companies to stress test their readiness for compliance with the EU’s sweeping privacy regulations.