Kolvin Stone Provides Insights on GDPR Compliance

IT Pro Portal | December.19.2017

Orrick’s Kolvin Stone recently published an article with IT Pro Portal entitled “Shining Light On GDPR: Practical Insights To Provide Clarity On Compliance.” The article highlights the top issues businesses should address to stress test their compliance preparations.

Kolvin notes that “a common misconception is that an organization’s legal team will handle everything to do with GDPR, but this is not the case. The nature of the regulation means that a number of internal parties are likely to be involved from the outset in undertaking the initial assessment, deciding on the necessary actions and implementing the changes as appropriate. While the legal team will play a key role, organizations will also need to ensure their HR, operations, customer accounts and IT departments comply, and are on board to ensure the company has all the information needed to make informed decisions.”