European NPLs Market


European NPLs MarketThis booklet aims to provide an updated framework of the European NPLs market, presenting the last provisions entered into force, together with some papers of national and European Authorities and some observations of our lawyers.

It is divided in three Parts; the first one (A) is dedicated to Orrick authored articles and includes: a comment on the Italian GACS, as enacted by the Law Decree no. 18/2016 and by the Ministerial Decree 3 August 2016; the latest amendments to the Italian securitization law 130/99; and a review of the situation of the Non-Performing Loans in Greece. The second Part (B) presents the dispositions of GACS Decree and Conversion Law. The last Part (C) proposes some recent documents published from Bank of Italy regarding the management of NPLs among Italian banks and supply of credits; this last section includes also the guidance to banks on Non-Performing Loans edited by the European Central Bank.