Mortgage Bankers Association Compliance Essentials: Vendor Management Resource Guide

Mortgage Bankers Association
1 minute read | May.23.2017

The stakes are high regarding the relationship between lenders and Vendors. Vendor Management, and third-party relationships generally, have become more of a focus of CFPB enforcement activity. Your company can be held liable for violations, but it can also be held liable for violations by the third-party vendor.

This MBA Compliance Essentials Vendor Management Resource Guide gives you detailed explanations of the pitfalls and enforcement risks of these relationships, as well as, model policies and procedures to help you navigate this high risk area.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction and Regulatory Overview
  • Key Components of a Vendor Management Policy
  • Key Areas of CFPB Focus
  • Typical Loan Production and Servicing Vendors
  • Sample Company Vendor Management Policy
  • Sample Vendor Due Diligence Request List
  • Sample Vendor Contract Provisions
  • Sample Vendor Management Compliance Checklist
  • Reference Materials