Orrick Attorneys Author Article on What's Next for NAFTA

Law360 | March.30.2017

Orrick's Rodrigo Dominguez Sotomayor, Harry Clark, Vanessa Guillermety, Luisa Muskus and Grace Lentz authored an article in Law360 entitled "From Exit Threats To Tiny Tweaks: What's Next For NAFTA?" The article focuses on the effect of a NAFTA withdrawal on U.S.-Mexico trade and the likelihood of a renegotiation of the agreement. The authors note that "a renegotiation of NAFTA is the likely scenario at this stage. NAFTA is too important to the Mexican economy for Mexico to give up its free-trade access to the United States without a fight. Even if Mexico would prefer that the agreement remain as written, giving up trade concessions would be a much better option than risking a potential recession that would accompany a NAFTA withdrawal." Click the below link to read the article in its entirety.