Jim Tierney Discusses the Importance of Cooperating with Multijurisdictional Merger Investigations

Concurrences Review

Orrick Antitrust & Competition partner Jim Tierney moderated a panel on “International Mergers: Working Across Multiple Jurisdictions” at the 2nd edition of the Global Antitrust Economics Conference, jointly organized by Concurrences Review and the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. The conference, held October 7, 2016, was divided in five panels discussing different aspects of antitrust law and economics.

In this short video from the conference, Jim discusses how economic globalization has resulted in an increasing number of mergers being subject to multijurisdictional investigations, and why cooperation between the investigating agencies and the merging parties can benefit everyone involved in the transaction. You can watch the video here.