All Aboard the Energy Storage Bandwagon

Utility Week | September.30.2016

Ed Humphries and Lis Blunsdon, members of Orrick’s Energy & Infrastructure team in London, authored an article for Utility Week that examines the possible effects of rapidly advancing energy storage technologies. According to Lis and Ed:

For years, energy storage was safely lodged in the "too expensive, too difficult, too risky" category. After all, if you have a strong baseload generating fleet and an experienced transmission operator, why would you need it?

The catalyst turned out to be the increasing success, availability and efficiency of intermittent renewable generation. While energy storage is not a magic bullet, it does offer an irreplaceable solution for a burning industry challenge: peaks and troughs in generation levels, grid stability issues and even the infamous Californian duck curve.

You can read the full article in Utility Week online here.