Courtney Linn Discusses DOJ's Proposed Anti-Corruption Legislation

GIR Just Anti-Corruption

Orrick securities litigation, investigations and enforcement partner Courtney Linn recently spoke with Global Investigations Review’s Just Anti-Corruption regarding the Justice Department’s proposed anti-corruption legislation that broadens the number of acts considered money laundering into the US.

According to Courtney, “the statute raises concerns for people based abroad who are trying to understand what conduct would constitute a predicate offence – the underlying crime that produced the proceeds being laundered in the US.” He added that, “if the legislation is passed, prosecutors would confront plenty of defence dismissal motions arguing that foreign defendants could not understand from the statute what overseas conduct would serve as a predicate to a US money-laundering violation. Given that the statute does not spell out exactly what actions would violate US law, the ambiguity means there would be grounds to dismiss.”