Rob Reznick Comments on Case Concerning International Application of RICO

The Wall Street Journal

Rob Reznick, a partner in Orrick's Washington, D.C. office, recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a case pursued by the European Commission and member countries presenting the question whether the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) should be applied extraterritorially, to conduct occurring in Europe. Rob is Managing Editor of The World in US Courts: Orrick's Quarterly Review of Decisions Applying US Law to Global Business and Cross-Border Activities.
Counting the case accepted by the Supreme Court for review, there are at least three different court interpretations of the racketeering statute’s international application. Given the nationwide service of process available for RICO claims, Rob characterized the current law a “forum shopper’s delight.” A decision by the Supreme Court is expected this term.  ​