Emily Tabatabai Discusses Google's Agreement with Italian Regulators

Daily Journal

​Orrick privacy attorney Emily Tabatabai recently spoke with Daily Journal regarding Google’s precedent-setting agreement to allow Italian regulators to visit its U.S. headquarters under a wide-ranging enforcement order. This could be the beginning of similar requests from foreign regulators relating to the privacy practices of U.S. companies with large user bases in the European Union.

According to Ms. Tabatabai, >the agreement “indicates the Garante’s desire to exert influence over the mechanisms Google will adopt to comply with the order.” While she noted that this may seem like a burden to Google initially, it could lead to a more productive relationship with regulators in the long term. 

Ms. Tabatabai noted European privacy regulators seem to be competing for position as far as who can exercise the most influence over big data companies, pointing out that five countries have already weighed in since Google combined the privacy policies for many of its offerings in 2012. "It will be interesting to see whether the other jurisdictions try to raise the ante further,” she concluded. ​