From Landlord to Locked Up: The Long Arm of the SCRA

5 minute read | August.21.2014

Over the past few years, the U.S. Department of Justice and federal banking regulators have aggressively increased their efforts to enforce the SCRA. Both federal and state regulators now focus on SCRA compliance when examining institutions, and government enforcement attorneys are keenly aware of the various protections afforded to service members by the SCRA. While most scrutiny has been directed toward the SCRA’s foreclosure, default judgment and interest rate protections, creditors should not overlook the risks associated with the SCRA’s eviction protection. And, while most SCRA enforcement actions do not result in criminal charges, the McLeod case demonstrates that violations of the SCRA’s eviction protections can lead to severe penalties, including incarceration.

Originally published by Law360; reprinted with permission.