Orrick IP Lawyers Discuss 3D Printing Industry

3D PrintShow

​Intellectual property senior associate Vann Pearce and managing associate Chris Higgins discussed the legal issues impacting the emerging 3D printing industry in an interview on the 3D Printshow’s website. An excerpt from the interview is included below.

Each company will have different risks depending on its business model and activities. … One important area is the tremendous activity in securing new patents related to 3D printing. … [a] Patent Office official told us that in 2012 they received over 1800 patent applications directly relating to 3D printing – and that number is increasing year by year. This leads to two conclusions: First, if you are involved in 3D printing and you are not protecting your inventions, then you are falling behind. Second, in the future there will be many patents out there that could be asserted against 3D printing companies.  We expect to see that happen more and more as the market grows.