Commercial Litigation Partner Discusses Legal Developments in Myanmar

International Business Times

In a recent article featured in the International Business Times, commercial litigation partner Robert Pé offered his thoughts on the increase of legal work in Myanmar and the country’s Foreign Investment Law.

"The investment law is a statement of the government's intention to welcome and attract foreign investment. It's generous and lenient in places, but broad-brush and vague in others. There hasn't yet been a flood of investment into the country. It's important to update and revise black-letter law over time but, more crucially, there is a need to rebuild the rule of law," said Pé.

Pé added that the restoration of the rule of law needs to start with the basics such as training law draftsmen and instructing judges and civil servants on how to interpret, apply and implement the law fairly.

"It's gratifying to participate in the country's legal and democratic development," Pé said. "The country faces many complex issues and it takes a long time to iron them out, but it used to be one of the wealthiest countries in Southeast Asia and the great potential that was realized in the past will be realized again."