Tokyo Office Leader Discusses Impact of Yen on Japanese M&A Market

The Asian Lawyer

This article, about the impact of the value of the yen on the Japanese M&A market, quotes M&A and private equity partner Mark Weeks.

Of course, Japanese companies have long recognized the economic and demographic writing on the wall, and many of them have responded mainly by burying their heads in the sand. But this time seems different, Weeks stated.

"Ten years ago companies were more concerned with restructuring and getting healthy," said Weeks. "And they've done that, so now the focus is on growing revenue."

A decade ago, Japanese companies, banks, and the government were all in rough shape as they dealt with the fallout of the country's 1990s recession. Today, Japanese banks are willing to lend, companies are flush with cash, and the government, currency policy aside, is supportive of overseas investment.