Intellectual Property Partner Discusses Legal Landscape in China

The Asian Lawyer

This article, about recent developments allowing arbitral awards made in China to be recognized and enforced by Indian courts, quotes Beijing intellectual property partner Xiang Wang.

“This can have real significance if one of the parties to the commercial agreements is either an Indian company, has assets in India, or otherwise has a commercial interest in India which is becoming more and more common and important due to the fast increase of trade between India and China,” said Wang.

He continued, stating, “However it remains to be seen how quickly in reality such arbitration awards made in China may actually be enforced by Indian courts which have been known to have slow moving dockets.”

Additionally, Wang commented on the Chinese legal market. “Like all other law firms operating in the China market, we are strengthening our dispute and litigation capabilities in the Greater China Area,” said Wang. “We believe China will not only remain the largest dispute country but also will become one of the most significant dispute battle fields in the world in the not so distant future.”