Capital Markets Partner Quoted on Financing of Genome Sequencing Startup

Daily Journal (California)

This article, about 23andMe Inc., a company that sells genome sequencing kits directly to consumers to use and return for lab analysis, securing $50 million in series D financing, quotes San Francisco capital markets partner Karen Dempsey, who with her team represented 23andMe.

"I think it's a terrific company that is giving and empowering you to have more information about what's going on [with your health history]," Dempsey said. “It's fun to learn about your genes, but it's more exciting if the power of the info will help us discover better ways to address significant health issues," she continued.

Dempsey also stated that interest in the personalized medicine space has been validated by purchases from large companies, pointing to Amgen Inc.'s $415 million acquisition of Iceland-based deCODE Genetics announced recently.