New Developments in California Transportation Financing


On February 24, 2010, Orrick public finance partners Roger Davis and Mary Collins, Orrick senior associate Brooke Abola, and the California Transportation Financing Authority's (CTFA) Acting Executive Director, Rohima Moly, led a teleconference on new developments in California Transportation Financing, including the following laws:

  • SB 83
    Authorizes county-wide transportation planning agencies, with the approval of a majority of voters in the county, to direct the Department of Motor Vehicles to collect a supplemental $10 vehicle license fee (VLF) to fund local congestion-reduction projects.
  • AB798
    Creates the California Transportation Financing Authority (CTFA). The CTFA is authorized to assist in financing improvements to the state transportation system that meet state environmental impact reduction goals by issuing bonds backed by local transportation revenue. Such revenue streams include local transportation sales taxes, tolls (including new tolls approved by the CTFA), and the new VLF.
  • SBX2 4
    Allows regional transportation authorities in conjunction with the California Department of Transportation to use design-build or public-private partnership procurement methods for certain types of transportation projects.