Surviving Shareholder Activism

A Practical, Right-Sized, Cross-Functional Approach for Small and Mid-Cap Companies

Webinar | June.26.2024 | 1pm - 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Webinar - Recording Available

Persistently low stock prices, lagging financial and operational performance, media controversy, being subject to significant litigation and regulatory enforcement and low governance scores are just a few of the issues companies struggle with that may make them the target of shareholder activism. This program is a must attend for company counsel of small and mid-cap companies who are looking for a practical, right-sized cross-functional approach to mitigating against or effectively responding against a proxy contest.

Topics include:

  • What makes a company a target for a proxy contest
  • Steps a company can take to avoid a proxy contest
  • Developing the right strategy and team if you find yourself in a proxy contest
  • Governance and legal considerations in a proxy contest
  • How to effectively leverage data and social media in a proxy contest
  • Practical post-proxy contest planning, including off-season engagement and refining your governance practices

For the third session is our 'Navigating Financial Markets' series, Orrick's J.T. Ho will be joined by Antoinette Behan, Chief Revenue Officer at Edgar Agents, and Greg Taxin, Managing Member at Spotlight Advisors.

For more information or questions, please contact Joe Maronski.