National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions webinar

| September.08.2023 | 2:00pm - 3:15pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Regulators Scrutinizing So Called "Junk" Fees
Friday, September 8, 2023 – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Sasha Leonhardt, Sherry Safchuk and Elizbeth McGinn will be covering the amorphous topic of “junk fees.” From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to State Attorneys General, and even to the President of the United States himself, so-called “junk fees” have attracted significant regulatory and legislative scrutiny recently. The presentation will:

  • Provide a framework to identify and consider which fees are likely to be considered “junk” fees
  • Discuss the increasing regulatory, enforcement, and litigation risk surrounding “junk fees”
  • Update the current status of the proposed Junk Fees Prevention Act and consider reputational/media risk associated with claims regarding junk fees
  • Prepare participants to evaluate their current fee offerings—in light of current risks and future expectations regarding junk fee