The Cybersecurity and Privacy Two Step: Understanding the Cybersecurity and Privacy Partnership

Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare

Conference | October.19.2022

Shannon Yavorsky, a partner in Orrick’s Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation Group, will lead a panel discussion on understanding the cybersecurity and privacy partnership at the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare's (JLCW) Tenth Annual Cyber Warfare Symposium. The recent SolarWinds cyberattack further confirms that cybercrime will continue growing and escalating. Shannon and her fellow panelist, the Global Chief Privacy Counsel at First Data Corporation, will discuss the importance of protecting your business and law firm from cyber criminals. They will also address privacy issues, including data protection and the management of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

The Tenth Annual Cyber Warfare Symposium is an annual one-day event presented by the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare in conjunction with academia, government and private industry organizations. The theme, “Attend. Engage. Learn,” captures the event’s intent to provide unparalleled information sharing and networking opportunities for development of cyber assets on both the human and technological side. JLCW will donate 80% of the revenue from the conference to nonprofits that assist systemically marginalized communities in the fields of cyberwarfare and law.