Reining in on Sanctions Evasion: Managing the Complexity of an Ever-evolving Sanctions Regimen

Webinar | July.14.2022 | 10am - 11am (Eastern Standard Time)


  • Matthew Moses, Partner, Orrick
  • Amber Vitale, Managing Director, Financial Services, FTI Consulting
  • Helene Dewing-Kapur, Europe Head of Sanctions, HSBC
  • Klaus Wiedner, Director, Financial Stability, Sanctions & Enforcement, DG FISMA, EC
  • Vincent Affourtit, Partner, Houthoff

Join Orrick Partner, Matthew Moses, and a panel of other industry experts for an update on both EU and US sanction developments and a detailed outline of the most common and effective techniques to prevent and detect sanctions violations.

During this webinar hosted by the European American Chamber of Commerce, you will also learn about the biggest challenges companies, advisors, financial institutions and policy makers face to develop systems and new ways to collaborate to stay on top of the latest sanction developments.

I. Most common ways to avoid sanctions and the most common techniques to prevent and detect sanctions evasion

II. Sanctions evasion in the U.S.

  • Regulators on high alert
  • Policymakers demand regulators’ vigilance
  • Enforcement: KleptoCapture Task Force, first indictments, first actions

III. Sanction evasions in the EU

  • EU regulations vs. national enforcements

    • Guidance & initiatives from the European Commission
    • Member states’ law enforcements – one vs. multiple players
  • De-risking, humanitarian and food security

IV. Cooperation of government agencies and international organizations

  • The Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs (REPO) Task Force
  • Extensive existing frameworks
  • Cooperation among EU member states: EU Freeze & Seize Task Force