Webinar: One year later – Rating agency perspectives on COVID-19

The Bond Buyer

Webinar | April.08.2021 | 12pm - 1pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Webinar - Recording Available

One year ago, representatives from the four rating agencies gathered to share their initial thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and its myriad effects on the public finance market. Disclosure about the ongoing pandemic is now ubiquitous. Although there have been some downgrades and credit watches, actions by the rating agencies have been measured given the persistent uncertainties about whether, when and how the “return to normal” will occur.


Karen Daly
Senior Managing Director, Public Finance & Financial Guarantors

Arlene Bohner
Managing Director, Head of U.S. Public Finance

Robin Prunty
Managing Director, Head of Analytics and Research

Michael Rowen
Managing Director