Managing Underwriting and Pricing Risk in Mortgage Origination

Webinar | December.17.2020 | 1pm - 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Federal regulators in the first three years of the Trump administration made 20 fair lending referrals to the Department of Justice — the same number of referrals the Obama administration made in its last year. While regulators still enforced fair lending laws under Trump, their focus shifted to technical compliance with the new HMDA rules and application processing. That is likely to change in the Biden administration.

Attendees joined us for the second fair lending conversation in our Foresight 20/21 webcast series, in which Jeff Naimon discussed managing underwriting and pricing risk in mortgage origination. 

About the series | Foresight 20/21: What to Expect in a Biden Administration

Keep an eye out for future webcasts covering:

  • Mortgage origination
  • Nonmortgage products (auto,small business, credit card, and student loans)
  • Fair Lending Program Tune-Up
  • Mortgage servicing and LEP
  • The Community Reinvestment Act