Regional Anti-Corruption Enforcement Colloquium | Latin Lawyer GIR Interactive Anti-Corruption & Investigations Conference

Webinar | October.08.2020 | 2:25pm - 3:25pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Leading anti-corruption lawyers from countries in Latin America shared their perspectives on the most significant regulatory and enforcement developments across the region.

For example, in Mexico, there have been new AML investigations as part of the anti-corruption enforcement strategy. Mexico also enacted the Republican Austerity Law which, among other things, imposes severe restrictions on government officials moving to the private sector. In Argentina, the segregation of the Oficina Anticorrupcin (OA) from the country's Presidency gave the agency more autonomy. Colombian authorities are still striving for prosecutions related to the Odebrecht case. Meanwhile, agents from the FBI's dedicated anti-corruption squad in Miami recently cited Brazil, Mexico and Colombia as three priority countries for the FBI's investigative efforts in Latin America. This panel also addressed how the increased cross-border collaboration on bribery cases — both among regional prosecutors and with U.S. authorities — has altered companies' risk exposures.