BAIA – 2019 Start Up Review

Business Association Italy America

Sponsored Event | February.19.2020 | 6pm - 8pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Orrick San Francisco - Cafe

Orrick is hosting the Business Association Italy America's 2019 Startup Review on February 19, 2020 in San Francisco.

BAIA, in collaboration with Orrick, will host a moderated panel style event featuring two Italian founders who had their respective Silicon Valley tech companies acquired in 2019. The panel will feature Simone Brunozzi, founder of Cloud Academy Inc., and Mattia Pavoni, founder of Tooso Inc. Cloud Academy, developed an e-learning platform for programmers, and it was acquired by QA in June 2019. Tooso developed a retail analytics software solution, and it was acquired by Coveo in July 2019. The panelists will share with us their personal stories, and the challenges they had to go through to achieve their exits. We will also learn how, contrary to a popular belief sometimes held in Italy, selling the company and not just raising capital is what ultimately matters, and why raising less than more can be better for founders. The panel will be moderated by Matteo Daste, co-founder of BAIA and partner at Orrick.