The LIBOR Phase Out

Orrick, Swap Financial Group and the Bond Buyer

Webinar: The LIBOR Phase Out

The Bond Buyer

Webinar | January.16.2019 | 12pm - 1pm (Eastern Standard Time)


LIBOR is the most widely used reference rate in the financial markets and it may be discontinued after 2021. For U.S. dollar-denominated contracts, it is expected to be replaced with SOFR (Secured Overnight Funding Rate). The implications to municipal issuers and borrowers are widespread, impacting bond documents, derivatives, credit, liquidity and other bank documents and investment agreements. The potential discontinuance of LIBOR could negatively impact municipal issuers and borrowers, especially if the expected shift to SOFR ultimately results in a rate that differs substantially from LIBOR. Please join Orrick, Swap Financial Group and the Bond Buyer for a webinar to learn more about the expected transition from LIBOR to SOFR.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Comparison of LIBOR versus SOFR
  • Planned protocol which will govern the conversion
  • Possible risk mitigation strategies
  • How municipal issuers and borrowers can plan for the phase-out of LIBOR
  • Tax implications