Tips for This Year's FHA Annual Recertification and What the Shutdown Means

Webinar | January.24.2019 | 3:30pm - 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Although top HUD officials continue to urge the DOJ to reduce reliance on the False Claims Act in enforcing FHA program requirements, FHA lending still carries risk. Indeed, HUD's public statements suggest an intent to increase internal HUD enforcement efforts. An obvious compliance checkpoint for HUD is mortgagees' annual recertification, and mortgagees must prepare early to ensure a timely and accurate submission.

During this webcast, Orrick lawyers Melissa Klimkiewicz and Katy Ryan provided mortgagees with insight from previous years and key tips for managing risk in connection with this year's FHA annual recertification, as well as analysis of how the government shutdown may impact the process.