Antitrust Issues: Implications for Blockchain Technology

The Knowledge Group

Webinar | November.28.2018 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Live Webcast

Please join Orrick's Howard Ullman for an upcoming live webcast, Antitrust Issues: Implications for Blockchain Technology, a live 90-minute webinar hosted by The Knowledge Group where Howard will be a panelist.

With blockchain technology revolutionizing almost all aspects of businesses today, company owners need to constantly check for potential risks and issues that might jeopardize their businesses. In past years, numerous standards and antitrust issues have significantly impacted the blockchain technology landscape. However, due to its inherently decentralized nature, blockchain has remained unregulated under antitrust laws, thereby creating an increasingly complex antitrust environment for businesses.

In this live webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders will help company owners understand the important aspects of this significant topic through an in-depth discussion of the potential implications of antitrust issues in the blockchain technology. Speakers will also offer practical tips and strategies to avoid potential risks and pitfalls.

Key topics include:

  • Antitrust Law and the Blockchain Technology
  • Notable Updates in Blockchain Technology
  • Common Issues Arising in the Blockchain
  • Potential Antitrust Issues in the Blockchain Technology
  • Comprehensive Guide and Best Practices

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