PLI’s “Storming the Gatekeepers: When Compliance Officers & In-House Lawyers are at Risk 2017”

Practising Law Institute

Seminar | September.27.2017 | 9am - 5pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

PLI New York Center (Webcast available)

In recent years, the government has sharply focused on compliance professionals and in-house counsel, the gatekeepers who are tasked with identifying corporate misconduct. If you are a gatekeeper or represent them, it is time to hear from experienced in-house and outside counsel, chief compliance officers and government officials as they discuss a variety of topics stemming from the government's scrutiny of the function, responsibilities and conduct of gatekeepers.

Securities Litigation Partner Robert Stern will be joining panelists for a discussion titled “Is Everything Privileged? Limitations on Privilege in the Area of Compliance”

This panel discussion will cover topics that include:

  • The line between compliance and legal functions of in-house counsel

  • When and how does the work product protection apply in government investigations?

  • How to plan for the possible waiver of arguably privileged communications

  • The government's increased reliance on the Crime-Fraud Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege

  • Recent cases raising privilege issues

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