Energy Storage - Seizing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

Orrick Energy Forum

Conference | May.12.2016

On May 12, Orrick’s Energy Group hosted its first ever Orrick Energy Forum at its San Francisco offices.  Orrick Energy & Infrastructure partners Rohit Sachdev and Kristin Seeger moderated a panel discussion on opportunities and challenges in the energy storage industry with leaders from diverse verticals within the industry, followed by a cocktail reception.  Over 80 clients and guests from around the San Francisco Bay Area attended to hear from Mike Arndt, VP of Business Development at  NRG Energy, John DiMarco, Senior Director at CCA, Simon Ross, Chief Counsel at Tesla Energy and Katherine Ryzhaya, Chief Commercial Officer at Advanced Microgrid Solutions.

The panel discussed the most current topics, issues and opportunities in energy storage today, including:

  •  the current state of energy storage technologies and the most likely technologies to succeed in the long term
  • “value stacking” of energy storage services and generating returns from multiple revenue streams
  • the most favorable regional markets in the United States for energy storage
  • financeability issues for in-front-of-meter and behind-the-meter energy storage projects
  • management and allocation of performance risk of battery storage projects
  • financeability of various contractual structures for energy storage projects
  • tax incentives for energy storage projects
  • California’s energy storage mandate and the ability of storage to address California’s systemic grid issues

Orrick’s Energy Group has established itself as a thought leader in the area of energy storage. The team has chaired several energy storage conferences, hosted energy storage webinars and published articles evaluating legal and commercial issues in IOU energy storage agreements.  Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding this event or future Orrick Energy Forum events.