Revenue Bond-Finanzierung

Attorneys in Orrick's Revenue Bond Financing Group have worked on virtually every type of revenue bond issue imaginable.

Our Revenue Bond Financing Group focuses on enterprise revenue bonds, that is, bonds payable from the revenues of an enterprise conducted by the public entity that issues the bonds. Some of the these issues overlap practice areas and, when advantageous, we bring in expertise from other Orrick practice groups, including the Public Power Finance Group, the Water and Wastewater Finance Group, the Transportation Finance Group, the Industrial Development, Pollution Control and Solid Waste Financing Group, and the Health Care Finance Group. These issues might be handled by attorneys in several Orrick practice groups.

In addition, lawyers in the Revenue Bond Financing Group handle conduit revenue bonds for private nonprofit or for-profit universities, colleges, and other educational facilities; hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, and other health care facilities (including multilevel); various types of nonprofit charitable organizations; rental housing; solid waste and resource recovery facilities; various types of water facilities; electric energy facilities; and industrial facilities.