A “Virtual Creature Experience”: Gaming Startup Windup Minds Attracts Initial Investments

2 minute read | August.15.2023

The gaming startup Windup Minds has closed a $1.6 million funding round to help develop a “virtual creature experience for mixed and virtual reality XR platforms.” The company says it envisions people forming “deep emotional attachments” with virtual animals.

Orrick advised Windup Minds.

The Venture Reality Fund, Acequia Capital and New Leaf Ventures led a funding round with “industry heavyweights” with ties to companies such as Oculus and Pixar.


Based in Seattle, Windup Minds was founded in June “with talent drawn from some of the most storied franchises in video games.” It seeks to create “a new medium that makes your virtual companion feel real,” the company said in a news release.

“The medium of XR is uniquely capable of building emotional connections with characters as vibrant and three-dimensional as any pet,” Windup Minds said.


Windup Minds will use the investments to help launch new games and experiences for virtual and mixed reality involving virtual animals. The company says it hopes “to set a new bar for creature interaction” that will let people using virtual reality and XR platforms interact with virtual animals.

“Our relationship with dogs and cats is more than just a pastime – it’s part of the social evolution of human beings,” said Windup Minds’ CEO, Bernard Yee.


Orrick’s Stephen Venuto, Michael Ruiz and Elizabeth Damaskos advised Windup Minds.


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