Artificial Intelligence Safety and Research: Anthropic Raises $450 Million for ‘Helpful, Harmless and Honest’ AI Systems

2 minute read | June.05.2023

The Company

Anthropic, an artificial intelligence safety and research company, has raised $450 million to help develop helpful, harmless, and honest AI systems.

Orrick advised Anthropic in a Series C funding led by Spark Capital with participation from investors such as Google, Salesforce Ventures, Sound Ventures and Zoom Ventures.

The Impact

With its funding, Anthropic hopes to grow its product offerings, further AI safety research and support businesses that will responsibly deploy Claude, an Anthropic AI assistant that can perform conversational and text processing tasks.

“We are thrilled that these leading investors and technology companies are supporting Anthropic’s mission: AI research and products that put safety at the frontier,” CEO Dario Amodei said. “The systems we are building are being designed to provide reliable AI services that can positively impact businesses and consumers now and in the future.”

Anthropic is focused on AI alignment techniques that allow AI systems to better handle adversarial conversations, follow precise instructions and be more transparent about their behaviors and limitations. The company will continue building features like the recently released 100k context window, which lets a user submit hundreds of pages of materials for Claude to digest and analyze.

The Team

The Orrick team that advised Anthropic on the Series C funding includes Laura Bloxham, Harry Clark, Tamir Debbi, Sheila Maguire, Laura Metzger, Aria Noosha, Stephen Venuto, Jay Schau and Daniel Yost.

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