6th Edition of The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guide: Data Protection and Cyber Security – United States and United Kingdom

1 minute read | June.20.2024

Members of Orrick’s Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation group have authored the 6th edition of The Legal 500: Data Protection & Cyber Security Country Comparative Guide. The U.S. Chapter was authored by Heather Egan, Sulina Gabale, Thora Johnson, Emily Tabatabai, Shannon Yavorsky, Bianca Giulia Ponziani, Kathryn Boyle, Michaela Frai, Peter Graham, Jared Mark, Vertis McMillan, and Cosmas Robless. The UK Chapter was authored by Kelly Hagedorn and Anna O'Kelly. This comprehensive guide provides a pragmatic overview of the data protection and cyber security laws and regulations across over 20 jurisdictions.

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Read the U.K. Chapter