Accessibility of IT tools - for providers under Article 3(1-bis) of Law No. 4/2004

1 minute read | March.20.2023

ItalianAccessibilità degli strumenti informatici – per i soggetti erogatori di cui all’art 3, comma 1-bis, della legge n. 4/2004

On April 26, 2022, with Determination No. 117/2022, the AGID adopted the “Guidelines on the accessibility of IT tools” which are aimed just at the providers referred to in Article 3, paragraph 1-bis, of Law No. 4/2004.

The guidelines are directed at all those private entities that offer services to the public through websites or mobile applications with an average turnover in the last three years of activity of more than five hundred million euros.

These entities are required to comply with the obligations by September 23 each year and further specified in the AGID guidelines.