UK Sanctions and Export Control Society Launch Event

| May.23.2023 | 6pm - 9pm (British Summer Time (GMT +01:00))

Orrick London

Join us to celebrate the launch of the UK Sanctions and Export Control Society, which is a non-profit association that provides industry with support to enhance compliance with sanctions and export control regulations.

The society’s goal is to strengthen industry approaches to sanctions and export controls by establishing a platform to provide risk, threat, and legal-based approaches to global trade compliance. In furtherance of that goal, the UK Society will host training and speaking events, provide a forum for discussion between members and create opportunities for members to hear from relevant authorities about their compliance expectations.

The society is affiliated with other Sanctions and Export Control Societies in Europe, which share the same goal and operate under the umbrella of the European Sanctions and Export Control Society (based in Brussels).

Hosted at Orrick’s London office, the launch event will provide a unique opportunity to network with international organisations with an interest in, or exposure to sanctions and export controls requirements and hear from the Society’s Board of Directors about member benefits over drinks and canapés.

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