It’s Out in the Open: A Look at the Expanded HMDA Data and What This Means for You

Webinar | October.10.2019 | 2pm - 3pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

The FFIEC recently released the full 2018 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, enhancing the ability of the general public to compare lending records. What does this mean for regulators, legislators, advocates, and financial institutions as they analyze this data? In this webcast, we discussed some of the results from the CFPB's analysis of the aggregate 2018 HMDA data, takeaways from our own analysis, and how disclosure of the expanded 2018 data could impact you.

Attendees joined lawyers Warren Traiger and Sherry-Maria Safchuk as they guided them through the fair lending implications associated with the release of the expanded data fields. Topics included a discussion of the current fair lending environment, including enforcement and litigation trends, analysis of the 2018 HMDA data, and risk mitigation strategies.