EU Digital Services Act (DSA) Readiness Assessment Tool

Orrick’s European Commission (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA) Readiness Assessment Tool helps companies assess whether they are subject to the EU Digital Services Act (DSA). The DSA is a comprehensive law that applies to many different companies doing business in the EU, including internet service providers, content delivery services, hosting services (including online platforms) and search engines. The penalties for non-compliance are significant with fines of up to 6% of global annual turnover.

What Does it Do?

Incorporating practical advice with regulatory guidance, the EU DSA Readiness Assessment Tool can help you:

  • Understand the basics of these new regulations
  • Determine whether your business is subject to the DSA
  • Navigate compliance obligations for the DSA

How to Use It

The EU DSA Readiness Assessment Tool is easy to use:

  • Complete a questionnaire in 12-15 minutes
  • Use the complimentary DSA guide to understand the DSA’s technical terms
  • Review which requirements of the DSA are applicable to your business
  • Review recommended action items

Orrick’s Cyber, Privacy & Innovation Team welcomes a conversation with you about your assessment and how we can help. For more information, see our update on everything you need to know about the EU DSA.