Robert Feyer is located in the San Francisco and Sacramento offices and a member of the Public Finance Department, with more than 35 years experience representing issuers and underwriters of municipal bonds. Bob's principal client is the State of California. 

Since 1986, Bob has been the lead bond counsel for the State, working with a team of lawyers to complete the issuance of many tens of billions of dollars of general obligation bonds, cash flow notes and warrants and lease revenue obligations, including three of the five largest long-term municipal bond issues in U.S. history. He was recognized by The American Lawyer magazine in April 2003 as one of 10 "Dealmakers of the Year" for his work on a $12.5 billion cash flow note borrowing in October 2002.   Bob also serves as Co-Disclosure Counsel for the State.  He has spoken at conferences and webinars on municipal finance and disclosure matters, and is a member of the Securities Law Committee of the National Association of Bond Lawyers.

Bob also has an active practice in private activity financing for such purposes as solid waste disposal, pollution control and industrial development. For more almost 35 years, he has been a lead bond counsel for the California Pollution Control Financing Authority.

In May, 2015 Bob received the James P. Preovolos Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Services in Family Law from the Justice and Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

From 1972 to 1975, while on a leave of absence from Orrick, he was a Captain in the United States Air Force where he served on the staff of the Air Force General Counsel, and he later served as a legislative assistant to a United States Senator in Washington, D.C.