Andrew Bethune

Senior Associate


Andrew helps both issuers and underwriters navigate complex municipal infrastructure financing transactions through creative solutions and dedicated client service. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Andrew’s practice focuses on public finance, which includes serving as bond counsel or disclosure counsel to cities, counties and other local governments, state agencies, school districts, institutions of higher education, 501(c)(3) nonprofit healthcare organizations, and special districts in connection with infrastructure financings and related projects. Andrew also has extensive experience representing national and regional investment banks in the underwriting of municipal bonds.

Andrew has represented clients in a wide range of public finance transactions, including tax-exempt and taxable, fixed and variable rate, and long- and short-term debt, general obligation and revenue bonds, direct purchases/private placements, credit and liquidity enhancement, and commercial paper financings. Andrew has experience with projects relating to transportation, water systems, public education, higher education, hospitals, and ports.

Over the course of his career, Andrew has prepared, negotiated and reviewed hundreds of complex agreements relating to municipal financing transactions, including trust indentures, loan agreements, and bond purchase contracts. Andrew also regularly advises clients with respect to bond election matters and compliance with federal securities laws, including continuing disclosure requirements under SEC Rule 15c2-12.

  • Andrew’s representative bond counsel and disclosure counsel transactions include the following:

    • Bond counsel to the State of Texas on $26 billion of tax and revenue anticipation notes issued to finance temporary cash shortfalls in the State’s general revenue fund

    • Bond counsel to the Texas Department of Transportation on $1.5 billion of highway fund revenue bonds, including variable rate debt supported by liquidity facilities

    • Disclosure counsel to the New Mexico Finance Authority on $312 million of public project revolving fund revenue bonds

    • Disclosure counsel to the Texas Department of Transportation on $249 million of State Highway 249 System first tier toll revenue bonds

    • Bond counsel to Southwestern University on $24 million higher education revenue bonds

    • Bond Counsel to North Central Texas Community College on $20 million lease revenue bonds

    • Bond counsel to numerous cities, school districts, universities, charter schools, and other governmental and non-profit entities on over $2 billion combined debt issuances to finance infrastructure development through direct or conduit financings

    Andrew’s representative underwriter’s counsel transactions include the following:

    • Underwriter’s counsel for Texas Water Development Board on over $4 billion of state general obligation water financial assistance bonds and revenue bonds

    • Underwriter’s counsel for Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s issuance of $800 million of revenue and refunding bonds to finance toll road projects

    • Underwriter’s counsel for Texas Public Finance Authority’s issuance of $900 million of state general obligation and revenue bonds to finance projects across Texas

    • Underwriter’s counsel for California Health Facilities Financing Authority’s issuance of $334 million revenue bonds benefiting the City of Hope National Medical Center

    • Underwriter’s counsel for Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s issuance of $300 million senior lien sales tax revenue refunding bonds