Whether in litigation, consultation or investigations, Justin leverages deep understanding of his clients’ unique goals and challenges to achieve tailored results.

Justin has represented individuals, corporations and public entities in connection with DOJ and SEC investigations, and investigations by district attorneys offices.  He has also managed corporate internal investigations relating to accounting fraud, harassment, securities laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. 

Prior to attending law school, Justin served on active duty for nine years in the United States Air Force.  He is currently a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve.

  • Justin’s notable engagements include the following:

    • Served on the Monitor Team for an FCPA Monitorship of a banking technology company.
    • Represented a public entity under investigation by the SEC for alleged accounting improprieties.
    • Managed numerous internal investigations on behalf of a Fortune 50 company involving allegations of accounting fraud, kickbacks, inventory manipulation and violations of the FCPA.
    • Represented a Fortune 50 health care company under investigation by the United States Department of Justice.
    • Advised a high-tech company on the potential impacts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Electronic Communications Privacy Act on a new cloud computing product line.
    • Represented an individual summoned for questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to an investigation into alleged illegal campaign contributions.