Robert's practice integrates over 25 years of experience in patent litigation, licensing, and other commercial and intellectual property litigation in federal and state courts. From significant multi-jurisdictional litigation to disputes between small competitors, Robert has a consistent track record of winning on the merits and achieving favorable results on behalf of his clients.

Robert has extensive experience in all phases of litigation, through trial and appeal. His breadth of experience includes obtaining injunctive relief, litigating section 337 cases before the ITC and arguing before the Federal Circuit. He also integrates reexamination, inter partes review and other PTO proceedings into broader litigation and licensing strategies. Robert’s experience encompasses both defensive patent litigation and offensive patent enforcement through licensing and litigation.

As a result of his frequent representation of clients in Taiwan, Japan and China, Robert has also developed an expertise in litigating issues that arise in the context of global businesses, multinational litigation and cross-border disputes. Patent litigation and licenses often give rise to unique issues, claims and defenses in the international context. Robert collaborates with each client to develop creative and cost-efficient strategies tailored to achieve his client’s objectives in each situation.

Robert has been named a Super Lawyer for 13 consecutive years, from 2005 through 2017. His cases have involved a wide range of technologies, including semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing, mobile devices, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, monitors, LCDs, LEDs, printers, cameras, and other consumer electronics.

Robert’s commitment to service extends beyond his professional clients. He is the founder of Arms of Love International, a charitable organization that operates family-based homes for abandoned or abused children, and Love Forward, a charitable organization that provides a higher education for students in less developed countries that experienced violence and other forms of abuse. Since 1998, Robert has helped establish new programs in Asia, Africa, and North and South America that have cared for hundreds of children-at-risk and supported them through attending college and launching their professional careers.  In recognition of his service, Orrick awarded Robert its Community Responsibility Award in 2017.

  • A feature article in the Orange County Register, "A Global Embrace," traced his personal journey from being abandoned as a child to becoming an international advocate for children. He often shares his inspirational stories through articles such as the National Law Journal commentaries “Let’s Take a Broader Look at Justice” and "A Lawyer's Story of Giving and Forgiving," and "Why Are You Here? A Volunteer in Tohoku Shares the Journey of His Heart," published in the Asahi Shimbun in March 2012.

    Robert is a founding member of the East Bay Community Law Center, which provides legal services to the low-income community.

  • Robert has:

    • Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement on behalf of a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers, resulting in the dismissal of the case.
    • Obtained summary judgment of invalidity of all asserted patent claims in an infringement action brought against a leading printer manufacturer, based on anticipation, lack of written description and indefiniteness, resulting in dismissal of the case.
    • Obtained a preliminary injunction based on infringement of copyrights in source code on behalf of the world’s leading supplier of controller chips for optical disk drives, argued an appeal from the injunction before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and obtained a settlement of $50 million.
    • Obtained denial of institution of multiple petitions for inter partes review directed to graphics processing technologies.
    • Negotiated a favorable settlement on behalf of a leading cellular phone manufacturer after obtaining a ruling of patent invalidity on summary judgment, following a nine-day Markman hearing in the Southern District of California.
    • Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement on behalf of an Asian client in a patent infringement case filed in Delaware against more than 60 defendants.
    • Obtained summary judgment on patent infringement and various state law claims in the Northern District of California on behalf of the world’s largest privately held company.
    • Developed and executed a litigation and licensing strategy on behalf of one of the largest health insurers in the United States in a 23-patent multidistrict litigation in the Central District of California involving hundreds of entities and accused systems and services.
    • Litigated offensive and defensive patent infringement claims between an Asian manufacturer of Wi-Fi chips and a German competitor, resulting in a favorable settlement for the client.
    • Prevailed on a motion to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit that had been brought in the Eastern District of Virginia against a leading provider of digital video recorders.
    • Obtained summary judgment on claims for contributory copyright infringement, violations of the Federal Communications Act and unfair competition that had been asserted against a manufacturer of cable television descramblers.