How we work

At Orrick, we work differently.
A focus on three sectors: Tech, Energy & Infrastructure and Finance.
Small, diverse teams. Early at-bats. Agile working options. And much more.
Together, we’re bringing innovation to the delivery of legal advice globally.
Let’s talk about what working differently could mean for you. It’s your career.
Chart your own course.



We know that training is one of the things you count on most from your firm. That’s why we’ve developed a curriculum to help you build practice area-specific skills. And we’ll take you off the field every couple of years for intensive business and leadership skills training with your colleagues from around the world. 


When it comes to professional development, we’ve rewritten the rules. We give our associates early at bats – opportunities to take on meaningful responsibility, work directly with our clients and make a real impact early in their careers. We also replaced the lockstep structure with a merit-based advancement model that gives you flexibility and support. We provide feedback, benchmarks, and clear, written advancement criteria. How quickly you advance is up to you.


Ask any of our lawyers about the best part of the day and you’ll hear about mentoring. Each of us got here because of the mentoring we were fortunate enough to receive. We are committed to paying it forward. We have programs to help you develop mentor and sponsor relationships at every stage of your career.

We don't think about having mentors and mentees. We approach this as having mentoring relationships. That means it goes both ways.

– Tony Kim, Antitrust, Washington, DC

We don't believe that competitive pressure brings out the best in somebody. We think that facilitating performance through kindness and  positive mentoring on an on-going basis really makes it the best possible environment.

– Mark Wine, IP, Orange County

Amanda Galton
Great mentors shine a light on their mentees – they focus the associate’s attention on things to be proud of, to improve upon and to promote. Any success I have had is, in large part, due to my great mentors and the faith that they had in me and inspired me to have in myself. By being that mentor for someone else, I am paying it forward and also honoring the mentors who continue to shape me.

– Amanda Galton, Tech Companies Group, San Francisco

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We’re proud to rank as the #8 law firm for diversity, according to The American Lawyer. We have a twelve-time, 100 percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign on LGBTQ equality. We work in diverse teams. We hold retreats for lawyers of color to provide coaching and networking opportunities, and have active affinity groups and focused mentoring programs.

WOMEN @Orrick

Nothing is more important to our future than our ability to inspire the best female talent to join our firm, to stay in our profession and to lead. Today, women comprise 33% of our senior leadership and lead 40% of our business units. We are taking some distinctive approaches to invest in women’s success.
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We believe the one-size-fits-all approach to legal careers is outdated. It’s your career, it should be personalized for you. So, we offer you options to chart your own course in terms of when and where you work. And all of these options keep you on track for partnership consideration.
We call it Agile Working.


Technology is dramatically changing the practice of law and the way we collaborate. We’re all super-connected most of the time, and we try to help you manage that by offering the best mobile technologies. This includes virtual office tools, collaboration systems and apps so you can take care of routine tasks and access information on the go.