3D Printing

We Know 3D Printing

Our cross-practice 3D Printing group assists clients in understanding the unique legal implications of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. We advise clients on intellectual property, corporate, and cybersecurity issues related to 3D printing. We also assist developers of novel 3D printing technologies, manufacturers using or considering using 3D printing, and companies concerned about how 3D printing will affect their business.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, makes objects by joining materials layer by layer based on a digital 3D model. Many different types of 3D printing technology exist, including material extrusion, stereolithography, and selective laser sintering. The 3D printing market is growing rapidly, as is the development and refinement of new 3D printing technologies.

Our Team

Our lawyers Vann Pearce and Chris Higgins possess deep insight into the 3D printing industry’s intersection with intellectual property. Vann and Chris have been featured speakers at 3D printing conferences in the U.S. and abroad on how patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets apply to 3D printing manufacturers, distributors, and end users. Leading industry publications and legal journals such as the World Intellectual Property Law Review turn to Vann and Chris for insight on the latest legal trends in the 3D printing industry.

Creativity and Commitment to All Matters

Our 3D Printing group counsels clients on the electrical, software and chemical aspects of 3D printing. We also provide practical solutions to obtain and utilize intellectual property, whether it be filing patents applications, licensing intellectual property rights, or defending against claims of infringement. The 3D Printing group has received praise from global media company 3D Printing Industry (3DPI) for turning a 3D printing patent application into "a modern work of art." We bring this same level of creativity and commitment to all 3D printing matters.

A Comprehensive Global Platform

Beyond IP law, we bring a comprehensive platform to assist companies involved with all aspects of their 3D printing business. Our Technology Companies Group – with a presence on both U.S. coasts and across 25 markets worldwide – has guided 3D printing companies in corporate matters. This global presence also ensures that we can scale along with our clients’ growth. We are able to guide startups and established companies alike in establishing a robust 3D printing industry and provide advice on tactical approaches, from incubation to strategic exit and future growth opportunities.

Our Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation group has assisted many of our tech company clients to develop legal solutions to address global data privacy concerns and proactively manage cybersecurity risk to protect brand and reputation. This becomes even more important with the increased adoption of 3D printing and “digital thread” and cloud-based solutions. Our teams have the tools to help 3D printing manufacturers, distributors, and end users protect their most important assets.