Yoichi Katayama



Yoichi represents multinational developers and financial institutions in international power, telecommunications and other infrastructure projects.

Prior to joining Orrick, Yoichi served as a general counsel for Tomen Power Corporation. He was also an associate general counsel at Tomen America Inc. in New York.

    • GE Energy Financial, advising debt and equity financing for the 231 MW photovoltaic plants being built in Setouchi, Okayama prefecture.
    • Green Power Investment Corp. (GPI) in its development of the largest wind energy project in Japan, a 121.6 MW wind energy project located in Japan.
    • A Japanese company investing in the first utility scale solar PV project finance in the United States, which was awarded “Renewables Deal of the Year 2010.”
    • A Japanese company and a Japanese utility in a strategic partnership to acquire 50 percent ownership stakes in a natural gas-fueled combined cycle power generating facility in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
    • A Japanese company and a Korean company in concluding a joint-venture arrangement with a Philippine investment company, for Asia's first large-scale wind power project in the Philippines.
    • A Japanese company in formation and structuring of a US$200 million fund, one of the world's largest investment funds for global wind energy projects.
    • A Japanese utility in acquisition of U.S. power portfolio assets.
    • A Japanese renewable start-up company in arranging U.S. private equity investors and Japanese strategic investors’ participation.
    • A Japanese company in the disposition of U.S. gas power plants.
    • A Japanese company's joint venture/investment in holding company for worldwide development of wind power plants.
    • A Japanese company investing in a series of wind development projects in Spain which was awarded “Renewable deal of the Year 2003.”
    • The first project finance wind energy projects and IPP projects in Japan.
    • A leading Japanese trading company in the establishment of a joint venture with foreign investors in order to establish one of Japan's largest CATV systems and interactive broadband networks.
    • A Japanese company in the acquisition of a Hungarian electrical power generation company under Hungary’s new privatization laws.
    • A Japanese company and foreign company's joint venture in Hungary for the country's first project finance gas-fired power generation facility.
    • A Japanese company investing in the largest wind energy project in Italy and series of wind development projects in Spain.
    • Lenders, investors, developers, owners and contractors generally in projects located in various countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, England, France and the United States.