AI and Machine Learning: Weights & Biases Raises $50 Million

2 minute read | August.30.2023

Weights & Biases, a machine learning operations platform for developers, has raised $50 million from startup investors Nat Friedman, former CEO of GitHub, and Daniel Gross, a former partner at Y-Combinator. Existing investors Coatue, Insight Partners, Felicis, Bond, BloombergBeta and Sapphire also participated in the strategic round.

Orrick advised Weights & Biases.

“Nat and Daniel have been in the ML space for a long time and were both early users of Weights & Biases,” co-founder and CEO Lukas Biewald said.  “Having users invest in the company pushes us to make our products even better.”


Based in San Francisco, Weights & Biases is a machine learning operations platform that seeks to help developers build better models faster.

Weights & Biases has “provided the tooling for most of the well-known LLMs on the market, including OpenAI, Nvidia, Meta, Cohere, MosaicML, Huggingface and Stability, along with hundreds of enterprises in virtually every industry.

“Those LLMs have already had a profound impact on the ML space and we're finally seeing true democratization of AI. Suddenly it’s possible for any developer to build great ML-powered solutions on top of the GenAI or LLM products out there,” Biewald said.


The investment will help Weights & Biases develop a set of LLMOps tools called “W&B Prompts” to help customers build and maintain reliable products powered by machine learning.


Orrick’s John Bautista and John Harrison led the team advising Weights & Biases. The team also included Kaitlin Bagby, Vinny Mei, Steve Malvey, Jason Flaherty, Karen Cannon, Daniel Yost, Jose Lamarque and Jeanine McGuinness.


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