Glossary of Indian Tribal Finance Terminology (Second Edition)

The Orrick Public Finance Green Book Series

Glossary of Indian Tribal Finance

Discussions about borrowing money can be confusing. Bankers, lawyers and other industry professionals use terminology that is widely understood within the business but which is not a part of everyday conversation. If you have ever picked up a credit agreement or tried to evaluate a financing proposal, you may have felt like you needed an interpreter.

This glossary is intended as a handy reference guide for tribal leaders and finance officers and for those who work closely with them. We have tried to cover a variety of borrowing situations from bank loans, to taxable or tax-exempt bonds, to high-yield note offerings and more. In each case, we have tailored the explanations to the unique circumstances that affect Indian tribal governments and business enterprises when they borrow money for tribal projects. The glossary is not meant to be comprehensive, and it is not intended as legal advice. We hope you find it useful.